Our Video Hosting

Why YouKast.com for Video Hosting and Uploads?

Free Video Uploads

At YouKast.com, We want you to be able to share videos without censorship. You can upload any video that is 1GB or less on Youkast.com and share your videos with the world.

Direct Link Video Uploads

Keep your video uploads private with share a direct link with the people that you want to have access to your video. Remeber that if a person has your unique link address then they will be able to view the video that you uploaded and hosted on YouKast.com

Create an Account to Keep And Manage All Your Videos

If you create an account with YouKast.com, you can keep all your videos in your admin section and manage your videos. Share your video link or delete videos that are not needed anymore. It's your choice.

Upload And Send Videos Anonymously

Don't want to create an account? No problem. Simply upload an video or multiple videos and share with a direct link. If you upload a video without an account you will not be abble to delete the video in the future and if someone have the video direct link they will be able to view the video file.

Uploaded and Hosted Videos Are Never Deleted

Videos uploaded to YouKast for free are never deleted unless they do not meet YouKast.com TOS. Some videos that are not allowed are Child Pornography or any illegal actions as defined by the US or country that you reside in.